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Welcome to the pond....

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Stacy & Paul

Chicago, IL. The Knickerbocker Hotel. December, 2013. These two make you plum happy to be around. After spending a day with them in their hometown of NYC for their engagement shoot, we were instant fans. To say we were looking forward to their wedding would be an understatement. It was a magical day, full of love, goosebumps and unbridled joy!! It was also insanely cold (and windy and rainy), AND, these two were still up for outdoor pics (and so I love them all the more). One of my favorite shots was the wind snapping the umbrella handle off, hilarious. All coldness aside, capturing their love for each other and the story of their day was truly a gift. I'm constantly reminded of the beauty of fate, and how two people from two different worlds can find themselves in Vegas one chance weekend, and fall madly in love. No, marriage isn't like the movies, but when two people connect and commit to life, good AND bad, awesome things happen. Congrats to you both and your fabulous families. We are so happy for you and so honored to capture your amazing day! Wishing you a lifetime of love and blessings!!

Such a beautiful bride you are, Stacy!

Fred Astaire was in the wedding.

Here comes the bride...

One of the prettiest ballrooms I've ever seen.

Life of the party, all day :)

Bye, bye umbrella!

Light Studio - What a cool dance floor!

Fotograf ślubny Zabrze - Nice bride's shoes :) Very nice shots…

SNB - Amanda and Nate, I couldn't agree more with David's comments. I have looked at these images several times. This is a beautiful wedding but what you captured transcends photography. I also want to meet the couple because of how you documented their special day. Still a huge fan across the miles! Take care. Saideh.

Catherine Dumontet - Love this wedding. Beautiful work ! The bride had nice shoes :-)

David Reilich - Oh my Gosh, Nate & Amanda, you two are so good at what you do! Really great shots. I wish I knew the couple after looking at these photos! You were able to capture the elements of the day which confronted them, while still focusing on the joy they obviously felt. But what I appreciate the most is that this wedding feels unique and could not have been anyone elses. I attribute that to the couple, but also to you two for capturing those one of a kind moments opposed to the "cookie cutter" images that we often see in wedding photography. Very well done. Great eye. — David

Eliza and Robert

It was a foggy, humid saturday morning as we strolled into this cute little coffee shop in downtown Crawfordsville. It was such a treat to see these two smiling, warm faces who we quickly became so fond of. We had such a great time getting to know them, and capturing photos around the Wabash College campus where they met several years ago. We can't wait to capture their big day!!

Ron Miller - Love the photo in the church with natural light!

Elise & Tom, married.

Purdue University. Lafayette, IN. Elise and Tom come from a long line of Boilermakers, so it would only make sense that these two would meet and fall in love on the campus of Purdue. Their beautiful ceremony and reception were both on the campus of Purdue as well. I really can't say enough wonderful things about this couple. They are incredibly loving, genuine, fun-spirited people! Between all of their many silly faces, Elise's smile that can light up an entire campus, and their pure love for each other, it was a truly unforgettable day. Their friends, families, and wedding party were all such a treat to be around. I seriously didn't stop smiling all day. One of the things I loved most about their weddings was the way the two families really became one as well. It was clearly such a beautiful merging of these two awesome families coming together to love and support ELise and Tom. It was powerful and beautiful beyond words. Elise and Tom, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for letting us share in your day. It was magical, beautiful, and one that we'll never forget. We are so incredibly happy for you and wish you all the best in the many years to come. We can only hope to see you and laugh many more laughs together down the road. Much love to you always, Nate and Amanda

Her dress was out of this world beautiful!

Her sister took fabulous polaroids all day. It made my heart so happy.

This moment with her dad is one I'll never forget.

Elise, you are radiant!!

I kind of want to hang out with these girls everyday. THey are that awesome.


Almost show time.

Husband and wife!!

Now you understand why I was smiling all day.

One of my favorite photos ever. She was so not interested in a wedding party photo.

Fabulous details everywhere.

This sister moment was divine.

And then they broke into a Polka, swoon.

Ron Miller - Awesome natural light, fantastic!

Joe Payne - Very high standard of work here guys. I've loved your work since I lived in Indy and stopped by for the first time in a while to check out your latest. I will be stopping back more often! Very inspirational indeed!

Saideh - My problem is that I keep saying "this" is my favorite wedding you've photographed and then you gosh darn it post another wedding and then "it" becomes my favorite!!! :) :) Which leaves me to conclude that I love ALL your wedding photos and they are ALL my favorites.

Danielle - Great pics Amanda & Nate! I still look at Whitney & Nick's every now and then - so beautiful! And I am in LOVE with Elise's dress!!! It's so gorgeous!!

mel - what a fun wedding! nailed it!

Jackie Phillips - Great photos! They look like a super fun couple with a fun wedding!

Abbey Cooper - Ummmmm I'm in love with these photos. You guys are amazing :) My fave is of the woman tearing up and the girl looking at her (at the reception).

kara & jeff

Indianapolis, IN. The Omni Severin. Union Station. Sometimes I love our couple's so much, I don't want their wedding day to end. I mean, I know it can't last forever, but a few more days would be nice. The downside to loving what I do and working with the most amazing couples, is that the wedding celebration is only one day. Of course we have many other interactions, but I wish we could hang out for many, many more days or weeks, esp with Kara and Jeff. Their day was effortless, beautiful, laid back, and full of so much endless joy. They adore each other and have an indescribable love for each other. It was such a JOY capturing this amazing day in their lives. Thank you guys so much for trusting us, and inviting us along the journey. We are so over the moon happy for you and wish you all the best in the many, many years ahead!!

So many gorgeous details!

Stellar filmmakers in action, highly recommend hiring them :)

You can see how proud Jeff's dad is of him with his expression.

Reading a note from her groom, perhaps one of my favorite memories of their day.

There was something immensely powerful about this moment. My words fail.

Her dad was a hoot, clearly they adore each other.

Husband and Wife!!!

Kara, you're stunning! And as sweet as can be.

These fabulous guys had me laughing all day. I esp loved their tunes.

Holcomb Gardens, where Kara's parents were married.

The always stunning Union Station. The first in the world to boot!

These two rocked one of the best first dances I've ever seen!!

Maureen Murphy - Just gorgeous Amanda and Nate! You have captured the most wonderful day and provided our family with beautiful memories.

Cheryl & Mike Zabroski - Fantastic pics....it sure looked like a lovely day. We wish you both all the best. Love, Uncle Mike & Aunt Cheryl

ashton - what a BEAUTIFUL day! so lovely captured you two! kara and jeff look wonderful!

Jeff Greco - We had so much fun with you and Nate that the pictures are almost a bonus! You made everything so simple and relaxing on such a busy, but fun day. I couldn't have pictured anything going better, and the moments you captured certainly convey that. Thank you for catching all the little things and letting us relive the day for years to come!

KARA + JEFF » Jet Kaiser Films - [...] Kara + Jeff’s wonderful wedding day began with the wedding day preparations at the Omni Severin Hotel overlooking beautiful downtown Indianapolis.  Kara and her bridesmaids had an amazing view of the Crowne Plaza Union Station where they would all gather for a rockin’ wedding reception later that night.  Their wedding ceremony was held in historic Saint John Catholic Church.  It took us forever but we were finally able to shoot along side of the Turtle Pond Photography team.  Amanda + Nathan Neynolds are amazing artists and it was a pleasure to watch them work their magic.  I’d encourage you to check out their blog post from this wedding. [...]

Badalamenti Family

When we were in NY last, we had the huge pleasure of capturing this beautiful family! It's been a treat getting to know them at several weddings we've photographed. We are so thankful they told their friends Stacy and Paul about us, and we get to capture their wedding as well. Although it was a bit chilly in the big Apple, little Mia was quite the trooper. Her sweet little face just melted my heart. They live in a really great area called Long Island City. I've never explored that area of NYC before, but it sure made for a fabulous backdrop. Mia is such a doll and is one lucky little girl to have such great parents. Thank you guys so much for a lovely time and the joy of capturing your sweet little family. Hopefully Ruben and Mia can meet one of these days :)

How adorable is she?!?!

Father, daughter secrets.


And then we found this AMAZING room in a coffee shop.

David @ AiP Creative Photography - These are such incredible family pictures! I am jealous!